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Is there a book in the works?

Yes there is.  It will have a well organized system on mind training.  I plan on spilling all my “secrets” and sharing with you everything that I learned from the most exciting research in neuro-science and my spiritual teachers.  I’ll give you something you’ve never heard before, its a promise.

Do you give private consultations?

Not yet.  Maybe in the future.  However, if you ever have any questions feel free to contact me and I will help any way I can.

Who are these spiritual teachers of yours you talk about in your articles?

They are various people I met on my spiritual path and one main one that I draw most of my inspiration from.  I do not intend to disclose him as my articles are not intended to draw admiration for a specific person, not to promote a specific path.  All I want is to share with you the ways that I was taught to look at the world and work with emotions that have brought profoundly positive changes in my life.

Why such an emphasis on Eastern Wisdom?

While the theistic religions’ approach towards spiritual life is all about worshiping God, Eastern Wisdom traditions (especially Taosim and Buddhism) are all about mind training and seeking to experience the world in its purest form.  I don’t argue theistic vs non-theistic, or that one is better than another, they simply have different approaches.  One can successfully stay a Cristian or Muslim but apply Buddha’s methods on working with emotions to great success. The teachings are practical and not dogmatic.  In fact, if I did not share a source, many times you wouldn’t be able to tell whether I’m quoting an ancient Sutra or a cutting edge psychology book.

What are your qualification to teach anger management?

I'm not a therapist, I'm not certified in any anger management courses and don't ever intend to be.  I'm here as an alternative to the traditional Western way .  I can tell you however, I do know how to look at things, many times better than most people with Doctor degrees.    The most inspiring, helpful and most convincing people in my life were not psycho-therapists, they were yogis - people who work with their minds.