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Brain Science

Whether you feel angry, depressed, or even madly in love you can thank for that the most powerful pharmacologist in the universe – your brain. In the previous post “When Foods Attack – Can Your Dinner Make you Angry” I shared with you some diet items to avoid if you are trying to cope with Read more

anger addiction

Anger addiction… It’s a wild notion, isn’t it? Perhaps you know someone or maybe even know them very personally (if you know what I mean) who is an anger junkie; who always seems to have a crisis going on. Heck, some people walk around looking for reasons to get offended. Be it light or overblown, Read more


When Foods Attack – Can Your Dinner Make You Angry?

how to control anger with food

The idea that diet and emotions are connected is not a new one; however the idea that you can control anger by watching what you eat has to sound pretty intriguing. Interestingly enough, some of the ancient wisdom traditions of the east and modern research singles out a few dietary culprits that can inflame our temper. According Read more


Can Anger Really Make You Sick as a Dog?

after anger management

Its not a secret – it is impossible to be happy and angry at the same time.  While it is commonly accepted that psychological effects of prolonged anger are very harmful very few ever mention the damage this tension can inflict on our true home – the body. This stressed state was useful in ancient times – Read more


Most people say anger is an uncontrollable reaction to external events that “tickle” our sensitivities. Scientists say anger is a sense of perceived threat that triggers a so called flight or fight response, causing you to feel threatened or defensive, and consequently – angry. Some research shows these reactions are exacerbated by head injuries or other trauma.  But is this Read more


Have you ever been driving down the road to a tune of some pleasant beat on  the radio, dreaming of your next Caribbean vacation when suddenly some schmuck on the cell phone cuts in front of you, slams on the breaks and makes a sudden exit off the freeway? Oh oh… how do you feel Read more