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Brain Science

Short Fuse? Take Great Care of Your Nervous System

Short fuse, long fuse, everyone has one. There is no person on earth who doesn’t have a limit before getting irritated and then becoming angry. The only interesting question is how come someone’s reservoir of patience is much deeper than someone else? How come one gets irked and blows up from a sound of cat’s Read more


Our body is a system in which all of the components are designed to work smoothly and in perfect balance with each other.  The same way that one broken part can bring a car to a screeching halt, so can our bodily organs. The last article was a short introduction to our HPA Axis.  Traditionally Read more


If you are anywhere like me, you must have days that feel like the software in your mind is glitching so bad you just want to stick that head in the freezer or drink yourself to death just to enjoy a moment of peace. It can seem like no matter how hard you try to Read more


Does chewing, nose sniffing, throat clearing, pen clicking, finger tapping propel your mind to instant rage? Misophonia, aka “Sound Rage Disorder,” aka Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome (SSSS) is a neurological disorder in which anger, hatred, and disgust are triggered by specific sounds. When to most people these particular sounds and visuals are barely background noise, Read more

why always angry and unhappy

Anger is a symptom. It’s a symptom that one of your systems is overheated. If you are always angry over things, it could be a signal that you are operating under a very high level of frustration. Your brain’s amygdala (center of all emotions) may be overstimulated from daily stress or emotional trauma in the Read more

making decisions while angry

“Everything one encounters is preconsciously screened and classified as either good or bad, within a fraction of a second after encountering it.” ~John Bargh Have you ever had that “gut” reaction to someone when meeting them for the first time?  You know… that instant “I like you or I hate you” one.  Some people call it Read more


Are you a teen and live in the West? Then welcome to the new world. Even though no one is currently invading your country, there has been no generation before you that has been exposed to as much anger, violence, and bitterness as you. This stuff is in the movies, on the radio, in your Read more

picture of anger and mirror neurons

When you observe others and yourself you can’t help but to notice an interesting phenomenon – emotions are contagious.  It seems one can perk up and turn angry by merely watching another person get all hot and bothered.  You may think sometimes, “It’s almost unfair, this other dude is so ticked off but I can virtually taste Read more


If you or someone you know is one of the more than 16 million Americans who deals with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (also known as Explosive Anger Disorder), then you know how greatly if effects the day to day lives of those afflicted by it. Here’s a brief guide to understanding this condition, as well as Read more


Anger Disorders: Symptoms, Science, and Therapies

One third of adults say they feel angry almost every day. Three-quarters feel irritated several times each week. Some are worried they are suffering from some sort of anger disorder. Typically, psychiatrists explain that anger is a “normal” emotional state; one that everyone experiences and which, in itself, is not evidence that there’s anything wrong Read more

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