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How to Control Anger

Welcome. This section is all about how to control anger and regain a sense of balance in your life. In the articles below you can learn how to manage anger by changing your thought patterns and your view of the world “as it is.” You’ll even discover some diet tips to help your body be more at ease.

Read through the posts and pick out some methods to you feel will work for you. Most importantly, try them out to see what works for you! After you are done, make sure to check out another section called “Anger Management Techniques.”

Anger should not drag you down. Remember, anger and rage is NOT You. They are simply weaknesses. Character flaws, turned to invisible habits that bring nothing but pain and suffering. Take some time. Give a gift to yourself and all others around you of learning how to control anger and becoming more patient and kind. Work hard, you deserve to have a better life. I’ll be here to guide you along the way.

It’s a dreaded day. I’ve been busted. My parents just found out that I skipped  school for almost a year, missed a ton of classes and failed an entire semester. Home is going to be hell. Only question that comes to mind who is going to beat the crap out of me harder – my Read more


How to Control Anger Mafia Style

Teaching a mafia boss how to control anger must be like like sticking one’s head in a lion’s mouth. Most of the times the lion will behave, and once in a while… well, the circus will need a new trainer. Besides, how do you teach someone anger management if his survival depends on his enemies Read more


Anger is for Sissies!

Another day I had a “chat” with Arnold Schwarzenegger (Ahnuld) and asked him to share with us his timeless wisdom and one of his favorite anger management techniques.  What follows is a brief advice to be taken to heart if you truly want to be a “BIG DOG”. P.S. In case you’re having some difficulties with Read more

how to control anger with personal boundaries pic

Imagine a country without borders. There are no fences, no restrictions, no warning signs. Anyone can cruise through, set up camp and exploit its natural resources. If a land as this existed it would likely be trashed in a few years. No real country would allow this to happen yet we – people – permit Read more


Whether you feel angry, depressed, or even madly in love you can thank for that the most powerful pharmacologist in the universe – your brain. In the previous post “When Foods Attack – Can Your Dinner Make you Angry” I shared with you some diet items to avoid if you are trying to cope with Read more


When Foods Attack – Can Your Dinner Make You Angry?

how to control anger with food

The idea that diet and emotions are connected is not a new one; however the idea that you can control anger by watching what you eat has to sound pretty intriguing. Interestingly enough, some of the ancient wisdom traditions of the east and modern research singles out a few dietary culprits that can inflame our temper. According Read more


Can Anger Really Make You Sick as a Dog?

after anger management

Its not a secret – it is impossible to be happy and angry at the same time.  While it is commonly accepted that psychological effects of prolonged anger are very harmful very few ever mention the damage this tension can inflict on our true home – the body. This stressed state was useful in ancient times – Read more