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Anger Management Techniques and Tips

Welcome. This page is all about anger management techniques you can use in daily life. Read through the posts and pick out some tips and methods you feel will work for you. Most importantly, practice, practice, practice and your will improve every day. The techniques are only effective as much as you are willing to put an effort to work with your anger. Some of these tips may not suite your style. Find the ones you believe will be easiest to start with and slowly develop your skills.

Anger management is not a science. In fact, anger shouldn’t even be “managed” or “controlled.” The energy that brings about anger comes in raw form and it is our unchallenged beliefs and conditioning that converts it into anger and rage. Use these anger management techniques to subdue the fiery feelings. Ultimately, you will want to put that raw energy to better use. My hope is that once you overcome your own anger, you will help others do the same. Be patient, practice, work hard on yourself. I promise you, life will get better.

Long time ago, in ancient India a young student asked his Teacher, “I fear death. How can I get rid of this fear?” “Tell me,” the old man answered, “When you borrow a few coins, are you afraid to give them later back?” “Of course not,” the student answered with surprise, “but what does this Read more

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It’s a dreaded day. I’ve been busted. My parents just found out that I skipped  school for almost a year, missed a ton of classes and failed an entire semester. Home is going to be hell. Only question that comes to mind who is going to beat the crap out of me harder – my Read more


Short Fuse? Take Great Care of Your Nervous System

Short fuse, long fuse, everyone has one. There is no person on earth who doesn’t have a limit before getting irritated and then becoming angry. The only interesting question is how come someone’s reservoir of patience is much deeper than someone else? How come one gets irked and blows up from a sound of cat’s Read more


Modern psychology says that being judgmental toward others is a psychological defense mechanism: we reject in others what we can’t accept in ourselves. It’s an insightful discovery but I believe it’s a short sighted one. Our inner critic has much deeper roots, those that hide way beyond the ordinary observation of the ego mind.  Ever Read more


So you’re furious, I mean you’re really pissed… Now what?  Come with me to the dungeon of your mind where you find yourself absolutely livid, so full of rage you’re ready to explode and take everyone with you. Basically you’re Taliban, wearing an emotional suicide vest. The Dawn of Madness In this downward vortex you Read more


Our body is a system in which all of the components are designed to work smoothly and in perfect balance with each other.  The same way that one broken part can bring a car to a screeching halt, so can our bodily organs. The last article was a short introduction to our HPA Axis.  Traditionally Read more


Sun Tzu, one of the greatest Chinese generals, strategists and philosophers believed that the supreme art of war was to subdue the enemy without even fighting. He said “To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Most of us would be Read more


Loving an angry person can be a daily challenge. Even worse, confronting angry people often creates an atmosphere that is hostile and distancing or punishing with aggression or cold hostility. However, you might have reached a breaking point and are ready to do a cost-benefit analysis of the consequences of your changing the rules and Read more

why always angry and unhappy

Anger is a symptom. It’s a symptom that one of your systems is overheated. If you are always angry over things, it could be a signal that you are operating under a very high level of frustration. Your brain’s amygdala (center of all emotions) may be overstimulated from daily stress or emotional trauma in the Read more

making decisions while angry

“Everything one encounters is preconsciously screened and classified as either good or bad, within a fraction of a second after encountering it.” ~John Bargh Have you ever had that “gut” reaction to someone when meeting them for the first time?  You know… that instant “I like you or I hate you” one.  Some people call it Read more