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Anger Management Techniques and Tips

Are you a teen and live in the West? Then welcome to the new world. Even though no one is currently invading your country, there has been no generation before you that has been exposed to as much anger, violence, and bitterness as you. This stuff is in the movies, on the radio, in your Read more


How to Control Anger Mafia Style

Teaching a mafia boss how to control anger must be like like sticking one’s head in a lion’s mouth. Most of the times the lion will behave, and once in a while… well, the circus will need a new trainer. Besides, how do you teach someone anger management if his survival depends on his enemies Read more


Anger is for Sissies!

Another day I had a “chat” with Arnold Schwarzenegger (Ahnuld) and asked him to share with us his timeless wisdom and one of his favorite anger management techniques.  What follows is a brief advice to be taken to heart if you truly want to be a “BIG DOG”. P.S. In case you’re having some difficulties with Read more


Anger Disorders: Symptoms, Science, and Therapies

One third of adults say they feel angry almost every day. Three-quarters feel irritated several times each week. Some are worried they are suffering from some sort of anger disorder. Typically, psychiatrists explain that anger is a “normal” emotional state; one that everyone experiences and which, in itself, is not evidence that there’s anything wrong Read more

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buddha and jesus on how to deal with angry people

Let me tell you a short story… – Once upon a time, on a beautiful sunny morning, a simple but enlightened being was passing through a village in an ancient India. Suddenly, a discourteous young man approached and began insulting him. “You have no right to teach others,” he shouted. “You are as stupid as Read more

how to control anger with personal boundaries pic

Imagine a country without borders. There are no fences, no restrictions, no warning signs. Anyone can cruise through, set up camp and exploit its natural resources. If a land as this existed it would likely be trashed in a few years. No real country would allow this to happen yet we – people – permit Read more

anger management techniques primer

“Conquer yourself rather than the world.” This indeed seems to be the motto of the most inspiring and convincing people throughout human history.  From today’s neuro-scientists and quantum physicists to the most famous sages in the past, all point to one simple fact – that heaven and hell is located between our ears.  It is WE who determine Read more


How to Avoid the World on a Short Fuse Day

anger management on short fuse

Everyone steps out of bed on the  “wrong foot” once in a while. Sometimes, on two wrong feet. “Why is this damn alarm clock so loud?” “Who put my toothbrush back in the cabinet?” “Why does the omelet have so many eggs in it?” On days like this, our family runs for the hills, and Read more


Whether you feel angry, depressed, or even madly in love you can thank for that the most powerful pharmacologist in the universe – your brain. In the previous post “When Foods Attack – Can Your Dinner Make you Angry” I shared with you some diet items to avoid if you are trying to cope with Read more


Do you ever get angry at angry people? You know… when someone flips you off at a parking lot for taking too long to park or when that jerk on the freeway drives as if he owns the road and endangers lives of us “grandmas” for the sake of his own need for speed? Steaming about angry Read more