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How to Avoid the World on a Short Fuse Day

anger management on short fuse

Everyone steps out of bed on the  “wrong foot” once in a while. Sometimes, on two wrong feet. “Why is this damn alarm clock so loud?” “Who put my toothbrush back in the cabinet?” “Why does the omelet have so many eggs in it?” On days like this, our family runs for the hills, and even a dog knows he’s one little bark away from being kicked in the butt for gazing at us in the “wrong” way.

Whether it was a lack of sleep, a wild party, or a previously bad day at the office, we know that today is one of those days we’re more edgy and are more likely to snap and cause some havoc. Most people will use this to justify a poor style and rude behavior but not you. What you want to do is go into damage control mode.

Take my word for it, sometimes the best anger management technique is a nothing but avoiding the world and any situation that has a potential of making you angry. Yes sure, its not the most heroic way to face the day but a much wiser one than allowing your crankiness run rampant and bulldoze everyone in your way.

So on days like this I invite you to crank up your mindfulness of your body and take precautions to get through the day without doing something you’ll be sorry about later. This means avoiding that co-worker that gets on your nerves, excusing yourself from an event or a meeting, avoid making any decision, having any important meetings, and for God’s sake, if you have to criticize someone about anything, put it off till the next day. If you don’t, you risk bringing a sledge hammer to the table when all you need is a precision scalper.

“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.” – Chinese Proverb

You get the point, avoid by all means anything that has a potential of blowing the cork off. You may even take an extra step and explain to your spouse that this is one of those days where you have to work extra hard to keep your balance and kindly request not to push your buttons.

Frankly, I have “these days” too, especially after the night of tending to a crying baby or even after certain meditations when I will feel more sensitive and charged with wild energies that I’m still learning how to tame. Fact is, until you become a yogi who can effortlessly control processes taking place in your mind you may be wise to know your weaknesses and take steps to guard them with great vigilance.

A true peaceful warrior will recognize the traps ahead and skillfully navigate the minefield until the danger passes. Only once the threat is gone one can relax and be less watchful.

However, if you have no choice but to face a situation then brace yourself. Science says that by simply expecting to be faced with a nasty situation that will rattle your nerves you give yourself the mental surplus to deal with it in a calm way. Also, make sure to use deep belly breathing technique – take slow, deep breaths into your abdomen and focus on the sensation of the relief that it brings to you. Imagine your lips locked and don’t say a thing.

I promise you, if you are mindful of your anger and take steps to be patient, even compassionate towards yourself, the day will pass without any incidents and you will shut your eyes closed for sleep feeling proud of yourself. Next morning you will wake up with new vigor, feeling like a million bucks and ready to conquer your day with all that extra positivity.

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