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Welcome to AngerMentor.com. Everything from our social competence to the quality of our relationships and even career success depend on how well we manage our emotions, especially anger.  Your love life and your happiness depends on this skill.  While conquering negativity is an individual journey you don’t have to do it alone.  I believe you will enjoy this site for three main reasons:

1. You may be finding answers online that are too philosophical and lacking a practical, no BS approach;

2. You want to learn how to effectively control anger and are looking for a fresh perspective from someone with experience;

2. You need inspiration and support for the transformation that you are seeking.

Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification. – Martin Fischer

In short, this site is here to help you develop a kick butt Mindset, impart time tested Anger Management Techniques, and Help you to stay on track of your development.

Who is Anger Mentor

anger management techniques mentorMy name is Tadas.  I’m not a therapist.  Not a guru.  Very likely I am like You, a seeker. Even though its a bit embarrassing to admit here publicly but believe me when I say this… I know something about anger.  Let’s just say, I haven’t been an angel in this life; very far from it.  I’ve had serious anger issues, even rage, but I changed.  I am still not holy, neither do I plan to be. But I do have more control and lead a happy life.  So can You.

Modern scientists admit that their discoveries seem to be merely following up the revelations of mystics from the past.  The methods that are shared here with you come from ten years of studying ancient wisdom traditions, modern science and tested with a lot of painful personal experience.   You can apply the knowledge gained here and experiment with it to check its effectiveness.

We all share the same potential.  With some work and patience, inner freedom can be your second nature if that’s what you want. It’s in your hands.

My Promise

Most (if not all) anger management advice you get online talks about one thing – “managing.”  They tell you about ways to deal with anger but hardly anyone ever is able to point out the root cause of it.  They all make a decent effort to tell you how to extinguish the flames with “happy thoughts” but none actually explain that it takes a spark to create a fire.  Don’t you want to know about the spark?  I mean woudln’t it be nice to eliminate the sparks and not to get angry in the first place?  Why manage the disease when you can cure it? It is possible.  You can have full control over your destructive emotions.  You can radiate patience and power instead.  What I want to teach you is HOW.

P.S.  Please excuse my grammar, English is my third language so not everything may sound fluent.  I do promise to put my heart into it though.  Let’s take the journey together!

One can not truly enjoy a gift without sharing it with others.