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How to Control Anger Mafia Style

Teaching a mafia boss how to control anger must be like like sticking one’s head in a lion’s mouth. Most of the times the lion will behave, and once in a while… well, the circus will need a new trainer. Besides, how do you teach someone anger management if his survival depends on his enemies fearing his wrath? Can you imagine a Ghandi like mafia boss? “Yes my children, please peacefully snap his neck, kindly put a bullet in his forehead and respectfully dispose of his body in the Hudson.” I don’t know, something just doesn’t sound right. Hollywood would most likely lose all of its profits if suddenly gangsters stopped swearing and all undertook classes in emotional intelligence.  You and I would certainly skip the movies.

Anyways, this is a funny clip from “Analyze This” where Ben Sobel (Billy Crystal) helps Paul Vitti (Robert De Niro) control his anger by facing up to his feelings and seeking closure.  (Caution: a great deal of “expressive” mafia language.)

Did you hear that?  Anger is a blocked wish.  So if you are mafia boss, grab a gun an unblock it by “rearranging” some people around you that are in your way.  Otherwise, just be more patient and use your head to get what you want. 🙂

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