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Case Studies

Compassion vs Empathy Vs Sympathy vs Plain Horny

sympathy vs empathy vs compassion

What do Compassion, Empathy, Sympathy and being Horny have in common?  Imagine yourself driving on a busy freeway when you suddenly see a lovely lady pulled over, looking all distressed, gazing at the flat tire of her car… What goes through your mind? What do you do? Do you sympathize, empathize or employ compassion to help Read more


Is Your Anger a Sign of Power or Weakness?

So let’ see… Where can this beast be possibly be perceived as your power?  Right this very moment I’m having a very hard time envisioning a powerful and angry man that brought a lot of positive change to this world.  Maybe George Bush who got angry at Bin Laden and flattened entire villages in revenge Read more


Have you ever been driving down the road to a tune of some pleasant beat on  the radio, dreaming of your next Caribbean vacation when suddenly some schmuck on the cell phone cuts in front of you, slams on the breaks and makes a sudden exit off the freeway? Oh oh… how do you feel Read more


Today I witnessed something shocking that many of us experience at least a few times in our lifetime.  To some this could almost be a weekly occurrence.  While attending a three day seminar with about three hundred people in the room the stage was set for a very anticipated or I should say “hyped up” speaker.  To protect his Read more